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Your ability to access and use this website (the "Site") is subject to these Terms and Conditions of Use. By using this internet site, the reader ("you") agrees to be held accountable by these Terms and Conditions whether or not you have read them. In case you don't comply with these Terms and Conditions of Use, you should not enter this website. This website is made available for your use by Alvera Limited 6 Thornes Office Park , Monckton Road , Wakefield , WF2 7AN , United Kingdom. Alvera Limited can potentially, at its discernment, modify any of these Terms and Conditions of Use at any point and variations will be in effect immediately after them being published on this website. Your ongoing utilization of this website will imply your recognition of these adapted Terms and Conditions of Use.


The goods and features supplied or referenced here on this website are dependent upon accessibility to their services and offerings. Additionally, the availability for purchase of service varieties or unique merchandise is, without question, vulnerable to adjustment by Alvera Limited within its sole judgment, whenever they like, without notice. Consideration of particular product varieties in these Terms and Conditions of Use isn't an automatic guarantee that such merchandise or product or service varieties can be obtained for purchase on the Site or otherwise, no matter what the time. The price ranges expressed with regards to such services and products may change without notice. Additionally, Alvera Limited reserves all legal rights to decrease charges at any point, for the intention of marketing, without warning.


This internet site might possibly have inaccuracies or typographic issues that could be modified, as soon as they are noticed at Alvera Limited's sole attention.


Modifications might be implemented at any point to the data, descriptions, wording, programs, illustrations, as well as other resources shown on, presented by, or included on this internet site.


Alvera Limited may at any point, and at its sole discretion, adjust these Terms and Conditions of Use, including, and without limitation, the Confidentiality Policy, with or without notice. Such modifications will be in effect upon posting. You agree to review these Terms and Condition of Use periodically and your continued use of this internet site following such modifications will indicate your acceptance of these modified Terms and Conditions of Use. If you do not comply with any modification of these Terms and Conditions of Use, you must immediately stop using this Site.


Alvera Limited's important information protocol on this internet site are managed by Alvera Limited's confidentiality statement. Kindly take a look at this confidentiality statement and make a duplicate specifically for your own documentation. This website does not intend to gather private data from persons younger than 13.


This internet site may include referral links to or references to 3rd party online resources. Each of these hyperlinks is supplied for your leisure only. No endorsement of alternative goods, features or data is acknowledged or inferred by any data, source material or content of third parties that is included in, referenced, provided on, or linked from, as well as to, this website. Any data, statistics, input, advice, services or products offered by these types of organizations by means of links to other web pages or otherwise presented by means of their own internet websites are only those related to others but not of Alvera Limited or its associates. Your utilization of such third party websites is dependent upon the terms and conditions of use and the confidentiality policies of such websites.


With regard to providing registration information, as well as transactional content, to Alvera Limited, you are stating that you are sharing accurate data about yourself, and you are agreeing that you will preserve and edit registration content in order to keep it up to date and accurate. If Alvera Limited possesses rational reason to sense that such information is false, inaccurate, not current, or incomplete, Alvera Limited also has the power to suspend or terminate your account; in addition to declining all of the present or future use of one's membership.

If you happen to be utilizing this website, you are saying that you won't: (a) submit, spread or disperse illegal promotions, junk mail, marketing resources, chain letters, or additional kinds of unrequested bulk e-mail to associates or establishments who have not asked to be sent these types of mailings; (b) take out, delete, forge, or misrepresent data in order to reveal the origin of whatever content is being distributed; (c) pretend to be a certain person or business, or inaccurately assert or otherwise be dishonest about a connection with any individual or business; (d) interact with by using any actions invented to withhold or hide contact information or your actual identity; (e) send bothersome or harmful emails to other people; (f) send exceedingly high responses to any of the features of this Internet site that can be interacted with or (g) engage with regard to overwhelming a several or email address (conveying quite a bit of email over and over to the same email address).

To the extent that these items are restricted by appropriate regulation, by using this Site you won't: (a) use the Webpage for any illegal purposes; (b) generate web pages that contain links that, in fact, initiate downloads of material that goes against copyright or is illegal; (c) digitally follow or otherwise digitally disturb another; or (d) take part in whatever Internet ventures that would transgress the personal confidentiality rights of others, as well as but not just for, amassing and publishing resources and info about Web-based clients whilst not having their permission, except as permitted by appropriate legislation.

To the extent that any type of these activities materially conflict with this internet site or the network in addition to systems of a Alvera Limited specialist ("Service"), you won't: (a) send, disseminate or disperse any type of worm, viruses or other hurtful, disruptive or harmful data files, code or software programs on this Site; (b) use bots, i.e., systems that in fact exploit immoderate assets by connecting to an chat network as well as operating at any hour per day; (c) hinder the capability of others make use of the chat network; (d) interrupt the conventional flow on this internet site or otherwise behave in such a way that negatively affects alternative users' permission to interact if you happen to be real time exchanges; (e) conflict with, divert, or cause damage to servers or networks connected with this Site or Service; (f) utilize Website or Service to gain access to the accounts of others, whilst not having permission to do so; (g) attempt to go through the safety and security nets of this Webpage, Service, or another website, or get a hold of or bypass others passwords; or (h) put together something in the realm of denial of service attacks, which are behaviors that are designed to obstruct community connection by bombarding a website with an immense amount of traffic that is not useful in any way.


Alvera Limited will not consent to, by any means of transmission, any uninvited content material, in any form in any way such as, whilst not having permission, any marketing, advertising/or suggestions, scripts, verses, jingles, product sampling, prototypes, gaming apps and/or other gaming devices (referred to as "Submission" for the rest of this document). If you see fit to send to us any such Submission, thereafter in doing so, you bring to attention that said Submission hasn't been requested by us and that also (1) we're not to blame for any use, exposure, or return to you of your own Submission, (2) no confidential relationship is developed or can be implied of any type from our receiving the Submission and any declaration on the contrary in your Submission shall not modify this condition, (3) you comprehend that you will not be entitled to any remuneration as a result of your Submission, (4) the receipt of your Submission shall not represent a waiver by us in our rights to contest the validity about whichever trademark, or other intellectual property rights that you could currently or hereafter claim to use on the Submission, and (5) any formerly, concurrently, or thereafter submitted materials relating to this Submission are required to be regarded as are generally submitted in accordance with these stipulations.


You are predominately responsible for managing your private information, including your password, and for keeping it confidential. Not one person by making use of Alvera Limited will be approved to supply your password to you at any time. If you have, in fact, have forgotten your passcode, you merely have to click the "Forgot Password?" hyperlink at the top of the computer screen. Utilize the instructions, and a hyperlink to alter your password will be emailed to the address that you provided when you registered for the website. You are also, by and large, responsible for limiting access to any personal computer you make use of to access your Alvera Limited account. You concede that you are in charge of all the activities that happen pertaining to your account or your password.


If you have discovered that your energy and efforts have also been imitated in a manner that is legally considered to be a trademark infringement, kindly supply Alvera Limited's intellectual property service provider the written information specified below. It is recommended to note that this method is entirely for alerting Alvera Limited and its associates that your copyrighted material has been infringed.

A digital or actual physical signature of the individual sanctioned implement with respect to the owner of the trademark interest;
An outline of the protected work which you believe has also been infringed upon;
An account of where the information that you assert is infringing is located on the Site;
Your address, telephone number, and e-mail address;
A statement from you that you have a good-faith belief that the disputed use is not sanctioned by the copyright proprietor, its agent, or the law;
A statement by none other than, made under penalty of perjury, that the above important information in your notice is detailed and also that you are the trademark owner or allowed to operate on the trademark owner's behalf.

Alvera Limited's Intellectual property Administrator for notice of claims of trademark infringement on this Site can easily be reached as shown below:
Copyright Administrator
Email address: dmca@oldiesmelody.com


The materials displayed on or found in this internet site including, without ever having limitation, all Site software, layouts, content, editorial materials, informative content, photos, images, gaming apps, sound files and clips, video footage, short features, visuals, and other graphic materials, and names, logos, trademarks and service symbols (the "Resources"), are known as the personal property of Alvera Limited or its licensors and are guarded by intellectual property, trademark and other intellectual personal property laws. Alvera Limited name, design and related symbols are trademarks of Alvera Limited 2009 Alvera Limited All rights reserved.

Alvera Limited hereby grants you a personal, non-exclusive, non-assignable and non-transferable permit to use and display the Materials for non-commercial and personal use only; provided that you uphold all copyright and other notices found in relation to such Materials. You agree will not duplicate, modify, create derivative works from, display, perform, give out, spread, publicize or circulate any Materials to any party (including, without restriction, the display and intent to distribute Resources via a third party website) lacking express prior written consent of Alvera Limited Utility of Resources is only allowable while using the express written permission of Alvera Limited and/or its licensors. You further concur that you may not disassemble, take apart, or otherwise amend the Materials. This Section will endure the termination of your right to utilize the Site.


This site, its contents, and any computer software, products, and services proposed or maintained on this site are provided to you on an "as is" basis, as well as an "as available" basis. Alvera Limited makes no representations or has no warranties in relationship to this site, its contents, or such computer products and services. The Alvera Limited disclaims all such representations and warranties, including the following: guarantee of sale and fitness for a special objective, non-infringement of third party rights, error-free or uninterrupted service, accurateness, availability, durability, safety, security, relevancy, or completeness. In addition, Alvera Limited doesn’t represent or warrant that the information which is accessible from this internet site is accurate, finalized or up to date. Costs and availability information is subject to change without warning.


In no occurence shall Alvera Limited, its affiliates, Alvera Limited franchisees and any of their respective directors, officeholders, company workers, brokers or other representatives be to blame for any direct, indirect, incidental, or aggravated losses (including loss of data, revenue or profit, loss of or damage to your property, as well as unaffilated claims) or any additional losses of any kind, developing out of or in connection with: this site; any materials, information, qualification as well as recommendations appearing on this site; any computer software, tools, tips, goods, or offerings available through, found in or publicized on this site; any link provided on this site; as well as your membership information and your password, if by chance Alvera Limited continues advised of the probability of such issues. This omission of responsibility shall apply to the total limit permitted by legislation. This provision shall continue through the termination of your right to use this site.

You acknowledge that you will be fully accountable for all losses resulting directly or indirectly from your use of this site.


You concur to recompense and deem unobjectionable Alvera Limited, along with its affiliate websites, including any various administrators, or other staff members from and against all statements, responsibility and expenditures; which may include all legal costs and costs having to do with (a) your violation related to these Terms and Conditions of Use; and (b) your utilization of this Site as well as transmitting or positioning of data or material from you on this web page. This provision shall carry on past the ending of your respective power to use this Site.


All assertions, problems, or controversies (regardless whether in contract or regulation, or otherwise, and regardless whether current, past, or future) arising out of or with reference to: (a) all of these Terms and Conditions of Use; (b) this Site; (c) any kind of advertising campaign or advertisement having to do with all of these Terms and Conditions of Use or this Site; or (d) trades effectuated with the use of this Site, or (e) the involvement which results from all of these Terms and Conditions of Use (as well as relations with any other companies which are not party to all of these Terms and Conditions of Use) (collectively "Claims"), will remain known as and influenced by an obligating settlement managed by the Federal Arbitration Act and implemented via the} American Arbitration Association under its policies regarding the recommendation of consumer-related problems, or under additional mutually agreed guideline}. Given that this method of dispute recommendation is personalized, individualized and also provides the distinctive means for resolving such problems, you also agree to the amount allowable by appropriate regulations, to give up any kind of right you might need to get started or participate in involved in any kind of class action or class-wide settlement with Alvera Limited with any kind of Claim.

This provision shall persist beyond the ending of your own power to utilize this Site.


Alvera Limited can potentially, at any time, and at its sole prudence, terminate your power to utilize this Site.


All of these Terms and Conditions must be managed by, interpreted and enforced with regards to the regulations of the Czech Republic, without the need for respect to its conflict of regulations and/or requirements.


This Site can potentially comprise of any sort of publication or writing with inaccuracies or typographic issues that could be dealt with as they're revealed at Alvera Limited's sole prudence. Also, modifications are routinely performed on the data that is found here on the website.


Monthly Packages.
All Alvera Limited online monthly service plans make it possible for subscribers to get into the Site's free collection of {{ content }} by paying a recurring payment on a monthly basis. You'll be able to make use of the online {{ content }} within the Site's collection as you would like to.

Access to Your Alvera Limited Online Profile.
If you choose to utilize the "Remember me" function for your Alvera Limited online profile, a cookie assists the Site in recalling your exact details on successive visits; which may include your user name and password. Whenever you go back to the Site, the data that you previously made available may be recalled, in order to make sure that it isn't required to type in your user name and password to get into various parts of the website. Despite the fact that cookies are meant to be a convenience, it is recommended that, if you elect to use the "Remember Me" function, that your information is made available to whoever gets on your personal computer. These persons will be able to have access to your profile for various activities and view certain details about your profile, which may include making modifications to your current plan. Particular activities, including access to your complete Payment Card details, can't be seen through the utility of cookies.

Agreement to Electronic Interactions
You agree to be able to receive communications from Alvera Limited regarding your Alvera Limited online monthly service digitally; either by email message, or by notices that are posted on this web site, as influenced by Alvera Limited, within its sole discernment. You also concede that any kind of notice, disclosure, arrangement, or additional contact be sent to you by Alvera Limited in print is satisfied by such electronic contact. You concur that Alvera Limited can potentially send you e-mails, which may comprise of changes concerning your profile; in addition to resources and info pertaining to our website. This can include new products or offerings that the website has developed. You concur that these details are part of the registration process and also part of your involvement with Alvera Limited.

How to Sign Up.
To sign up for the Site, you will need to supply to Alvera Limited your legal name, an electronic point of contact (usually email address) and whatever payment information you are planning to use. There are 2 main types of payment plans on this Site; a basic plan (which is the default plan) and a monthly premium plan. If you decide that you are going to retain a basic (default) bundle you are not going to be invoiced, and your charge card is saved in case you are looking to get additional upgrades (if appropriate). If you choose to, instead, start paying for the monthly premium; that is the only time that you will have any sort of cost on your Payment Method. By requesting a monthly premium plan from the Site and by utilizing the advantages of the Site, you concur that, as part of your repeated monthly premium bundle in the Site you sanction Alvera Limited or its associate(s) to charge your Payment Method the repeated Alvera Limited monthly premium cost (plus appropriate taxes) appropriate to your current premium plan (e.g., 1 month, 2 months, 6 months) on the same day during the month, until your Alvera Limited online monthly premium is canceled or otherwise revoked. For instance, if you have a monthly premium plan, and you started on the 12th of September, you would be charged (via your Payment Method) on the 12th of each subsequent month. If your date is on a day that is not necessarily found every month (say, if you started on the 31st of October), then your charge would occur on the 1st day of the following month (in this case, because there are not 31 days in November, you would be charged the 1st of December instead). You will not get copies of charge slips evidencing the repetitive costs of the monthly payment. You agree to pay the appropriate recurring premium costs (plus any applicable taxes) as indicated by your Payment Method service provider contract. You also sanction Alvera Limited to charge costs of any kind you can potentially incur connected with your Alvera Limited monthly premium service.

Imminent Additional Costs
When your Payment Method is a charge or credit card (the Payment Card), you also permit Alvera Limited to place a potential cost to your current Payment Card as soon as you register for a payment plan, and before each subsequent month’s payment. Pending charges that are used to check out your billing address and whether or not your Payment Card is currently valid, are temporary (typically 3 to 7 days in length), and you will not actually have to pay any cost. Those charges will, however, reduce how much credit you have available on your Payment Card, based on how much that holding cost is (usually around $1- $2).

Costs Relating to your Payment Method.
You alone are responsible for any and all costs that your Payment Method requests you to pay in relationship with your transactions. This includes monthly costs, over limit costs, lack of sufficient funds, and costs related to going over your credit limit. Alvera Limited is not responsible for any of these costs.

Promotional Offers.
Occasionally, in Alvera Limited’s consideration, Alvera Limited may provide a lessened monthly cost for any services related to the Site, for a specific period of time, to new customers or various other selected persons who already have accounts with the site. If you choose to utilize one of these promotions that are intended for new clients, at the time of creation of your Alvera Limited account, your Payment Method will still be asked to pay the promotional value, plus appropriate taxes, during this marketing period. For all those marketing offers, you concur that any kind of such lessened costs is only applicable at the time of the specified promotional period, understanding that the regular applicable repeated monthly cost plus appropriate costs and taxes will have to be paid, by way of automatic renewal on your Payment Method, when the promotion has ended. Requirements of the marketing offer, that may include the promotional costs and period of those costs, may be different depending on the offer. Any details of any promotion that are not covered in the Terms and Conditions will remain defined on the web page on which you land before you start your account or as part of the account creation process. Alvera Limited holds the right to give marketing access to our various other sites to selected subscribers.

$2.95 Trials.
Periodically, in Alvera Limited's decisions, the Site can offer a period of trial to customers that are using the site for the first time. These are limited to one per Payment Method presented, or one per household, based on the circumstances. During these trial promotions, your credit or check card will remain authorized for one month of service plus appropriate taxes, though your Payment Card will not be charged for the duration of the trial period. Other terms of trial offers, that may include the duration of the trial, can vary. Exact details of your trial not covered within the Terms and Conditions will remain defined on the web page that you used to make your account or the page where you saw the offer while making your account. The trial time begins the day you subscribe to Alvera Limited’s monthly premium service.

At the end of the specified trial, your profile and access to the Site will be kept through charges via your Payment Method, until you’ve suspended them. This will happen, regardless of how long your trial period is meant to be. Kindly note, prices regarding the service might be different, based on your country of origin, the device that you are using, the services offered, and any related deals. The first day that you get charged following your trial will remain your anniversary date for billing purposes. Your Payment Method will be invoiced the repetitive monthly cost and any kind of appropriate sales tax on the day following the expiration of your trial period, unless you have chosen to cancel your plan at the conclusion of the trial period. In order to make sure that you don’t have any charges, you have to make sure that you cancel your monthly plan before your trial period has ended. You won’t get any kind of notification from Alvera Limited before, or at, the end of your own trial. Keep the expiration date on hand.

When you sign up for a trial, you will get all of the benefits of Alvera Limited for absolutely no cost. Monthly packages can be changed or nullified at any point prior to the end of your respective trial by calling 1-646-328-4527 for customers in the United States and Canada, or 1-646-328-4527 for international customers. These phone numbers are available for use all day, every day. Any plan modifications made to your profile before the trial has ended will make the rest of the trial invalid, and your new plan will be utilized.

When you provide Alvera Limited with your credit card details or any other Payment Method during signup, you consent to Alvera Limited charging you a monthly fee of $39.95 for access to our services, along with any additional services fees and taxes that apply to use of our services in your region. If you wish to change your Payment Method from the one you used originally during your signup, or edit personal information such as your card’s validation or expiry date, you can do so via the Account page after logging into Alvera Limited. When you use your particular Payment Method to gain access to Alvera Limited’s services, Alvera Limited validates your personal information by processing an authorization hold. You are not charged for this. If your credit card or other Payment Method expires while your subscription is active and you have not updated your information or cancelled your subscription to the service, you authorize Alvera Limited to continue charging you for our services, and are responsible for any accumulated unpaid fees.

Expiration Date and Refusal of Charges to Your Payment Card
When your Payment Card reaches the expiration date indicated, if you do not cancel your Alvera Limited Monthly Plan, you then grant authorization for Alvera Limited to not change your billing plan, and charges on that card will continue to accrue. If your card, for any reason, won’t allow Alvera Limited to charge the monthly cost, you have 9 days to make the card valid. If Alvera Limited is able to put a charge on your Payment Card (whether it’s the old one or the new one that you have provided) during the 9 day period and any other monthly costs are paid, then you will retain your access without interruption and the charges will be made until the plan is canceled. If Alvera Limited cannot charge the card (whether it’s the old one or the new one that you have provided), then your benefits will be suspended starting on the 10th day after the payment was declined. Unless you cancel entirely, Alvera Limited may try to charge your card every ten days for thirty days following the initial date. If your card can be charged, that date becomes your new anniversary date and you will regain access to the site. This will continue until your cancel your Alvera Limited account.

Cancellation by You.
The initial repeated Alvera Limited monthly premium cost is valid for an initial period starting on the date your paid monthly service begins, and it will continue until through your next anniversary date. To illustrate, if your trial ends on the 15th of August, and your paid monthly premium starts on the 16th of August, your monthly premium cost gives you access to Alvera Limited benefits until the 16th of September, and then you will be invoiced on September 16th (which is your anniversary date) for the following period of time (the 17th of September to the 16th of October). You can cancel this at any point, and you won’t be charged. So, for that same example, if you cancel on the 31st of August, you won’t get invoiced on the 16th of September, but you will still have your benefits until the end of the period that you had paid for. To cancel your plan, call 1-646-328-4527 for Canada and the United States, or 1-646-328-4527 for international customers; these numbers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you call to cancel, you will have to provide a reason to Alvera Limited as to why you are doing so.

Modifying your Alvera Limited Online Monthly Package.
You can potentially modify your Alvera Limited monthly plan, whether you’re upgrading, downgrading, changing from monthly to longer periods, and more, without any time in between. To your plan, call 1-646-328-4527 for Canada and the United States, or 1-646-328-4527 for international customers; these numbers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will have to authorize the new costs on your charge card. By changing your Alvera Limited monthly plan, you might be also allowing Alvera Limited or its associate to continue to renew your Alvera Limited monthly plan on each anniversary date that is for the new monthly plan, regarding the appropriate monthly payment (plus taxes) by charging your Payment Method until your Alvera Limited monthly plan is canceled as described above. The new plan will start on the day that your previous plan would have renewed.

Alvera Limited initiated Cancellations.
Alvera Limited might nullify or suspend a Alvera Limited monthly plan consideration, or otherwise restrict your using of the Site, in Alvera Limited's sole discretion, and there is no need of cause. Reasons, however, can include any abuses, fraudulent behavior, or piracy of any of the benefits granted by Alvera Limited

{{ content }} that are on this Site are to be used by you personally, for non commercial purposes. Alvera Limited does not allow for any unauthorized distribution, duplication, or any other sort of copyright infringement of the third parties or of Alvera Limited itself.

Cancellation or Variations to Program by Alvera Limited.
Alvera Limited may make modifications towards the Site's' service, that may include, without the need for limitation, any promotional offers and trials or availability and amount of e-coupons or various other in-store trials, at any time, and for any amount of time, without the need for prior notice. In addition, Alvera Limited can potentially change the Alvera Limited monthly service costs and the number of purchases from time to time, offered, however, that Alvera Limited will give prior notice via email message of any kind of change into the recurring monthly packet costs or costs or the number of allowable purchases that will adversely affect you. You agree that, unless you cancel your monthly package prior to the effective date of the change, you will remain charged the new appropriate Alvera Limited monthly plan cost (plus appropriate taxes) on each anniversary date after the effective date of such change, and you sanction Alvera Limited to apply the charges of the new applicable repeated monthly service cost (plus applicable taxes) to your current Payment Method. Alvera Limited reserves the right to suspend or end the Alvera Limited service (as well as, without limitation, ceasing to offer one or all of Alvera Limited monthly plans, promotional offers or trials) without the need for prior notice, in Alvera Limited 's sole discretion. Alvera Limited also reserves the right to suspend or end the Alvera Limited Online service or various aspects thereof in certain geographic areas without prior notice, in Alvera Limited's sole prudence. You come to terms that monthly bundle in Alvera Limited Online does not involve an extension of credit or a retail installment sale since Alvera Limited does not impose a finance charge and you may cancel your monthly service at any time. This is not applicable where such things are prohibited.


Alvera Limited will charge any and all taxes applicable to your state or country.


RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds are made available as a simple way for you to provide and receive information from the Alvera Limited Site or from your Alvera Limited profile. RSS Feeds are accessible through a variety of means; there are a number of servers that allow you to read RSS feeds using your XML-based URL. Utilization of RSS feeds that contain details about your Alvera Limited profile ({{ content }} Ratings, Your Queue of Items, and/or any other Account Activity) are to be used upon your own decision; it is not necessary. If you use personal RSS feeds, you agreement that the data in the feeds will be transferred to the RSS feed reader that you are utilizing. Alvera Limited will not provide any kind of personal details in your feed. However, your using of an RSS feed may allow any personal information on the feed to be connected to you and info. By using an RSS feed, you are indicating that you understand this and you have decided to use it upon your own discretion.

If you are using an RSS feed from Alvera Limited, it is for personal use only, and it is regardless of whether or not you use the feed at your own discretion. You may not modify the feeds. If it has anything about Alvera Limited, you cannot remove those references. Alvera Limited has no guarantees or safety regarding the RSS feed and can eliminate them at any point. Alvera Limited is also not at fault if any damages happen due to the RSS feed use.


In addition to the Alvera Limited Site Terms and Conditions of Use, utilizing and downloading gaming and/or various other programming on this website is subject to the subsequent additional Download Terms and Conditions. By downloading, you are agreeing to be bound by all of these Download Terms and Conditions, which are subject to change by Alvera Limited at any time, within its sole discernment, with or without any need of advance notice. Further, Alvera Limited reserves the right, at its sole discernment, to change, update, or remove any portion of the Provider, in whole or in part, at any point in time. Variations to each of these Download Terms and Conditions will come into effect when they are posted. The most current version of the Download Terms and Conditions, which will go beyond all other versions of the Terms and Conditions, can be accessed through the appropriate links at the bottom of the Alvera Limited site. You should take a look at the Download Terms and Conditions regularly, to determine if there have been modifications. Ongoing utilization of the download provider on this Site means that you agree to any changes that may occur with the Download Terms and Conditions Persons Under the Age of 18.

You will need to have Internet accessibility, a valid email address, and a valid form of payment (charge card, credit card, or checking/savings account) in order to download {{ content }} on this website. All materials that Alvera Limited and/or its associates make generally available ("Site Content") or makes available only to those registered on the site. This is pursuant to the "Premium Content" section below, and these are intended only for those persons over the age of 18. (Site Content and Premium Content ought to be wholly known as “Download Content" for the rest of this document). If you are going to attempt to register for the website’s download services (the "Service") and/or gain access to the monthly premium plan content that is made available through the Service, you are making the statement that you are at least 18 years of age or older, or that, if you are between the ages of 13 and 18, that you have the express consent of a parent or guardian.


Complying with Terms.
In understanding for checking out this Site, by utilizing the Services, and/or obtaining any kind of Premium Content you will comply with all of these Download Terms and Conditions. You agree that you will definitely not (i) make an effort and must not enable or encourage someone else to alter or change the software or any application regarding the Service, or (ii) use the Service or Download Content for any business purpose. You observe that Alvera Limited can potentially (1) discontinue the Provider, and/or (2) adapt the terms under which you can use the Provider and/or the Site Content and in any case, Alvera Limited may have no liability to you personally for such modifications. Additionally, in case you buy the power to watch Premium Content as set forth below, you further concur to (a) download and install Alvera Limited 's specific software applications; (b) make proper and fulfilling payment for any kind of Premium Content bought by you; (c) provide Alvera Limited with accurate, complete and true information about yourself as required (your "Registration Detail") in order to create an membership (when and if available) for use of the Provider (your "Membership"); and (d) maintain and update, as applicable, your Registration Detail with current and complete data. Alvera Limited reserves all legal rights to decline to carry out business with you for any reason or no reason at all. If you choose to transgress these Download Terms and Conditions, or gives erroneous, false, or non-current information or credit card information we may, at our sole discretion, suspend or discontinue your Profile, and terminate your access to the Service, with or without ever granting notification to you; and in such case you concur to destroy any kind of copy of Download Content that you have in your possession. Furthermore, Alvera Limited can potentially, within this sole prudence, pursue any various other available rights or solutions at law or in equity to acquire a violation for these Download Terms and Conditions or its (or its licensor's) rights under copyright.

Payment for Premium Content.
Alvera Limited charges a cost for licensing anytime seeks the power to utilize Premium Content via the Provider ("License Payment"). The License Costs will be presented to you when you purchase them. Costs for any Premium Content can potentially be dealt with by credit, and you are allowing Alvera Limited or its approved associates to charge these costs as these Licensing Costs add up. Also, if you choose to allow this, we will hold onto your charge card information or additional payment details, as needed, in our records so that we can speed up your purchase process in the future. By doing this, you agree that, in case you fraudulently state that the card that was previously used to receive the Premium Content has been taken from you without your permission, or you state that an mandated charge by Alvera Limited or any associates was not allowed by you, Alvera Limited can, in the sole prudence, go to you in any legal manner, including, the power to discontinue this Agreement along with your access to the Service.


Premium Content License.
Premium Content includes the following: (A) {{ content }} where have to pay the exact price to obtain the power to use the {{ content }} during a restricted specific period of time, and (B) gaming and content (which are coordinated according to how they interact with your current content (upgrade, purchase, or download) on the web pages) in which you pay a cost to obtain the power to access these types of video based material for as many times as you please ("Retained Content").

Content License
When you pay the License Cost, the Site will give you a limited right and permit to watch, operate and independently show in your Home or for Allowable Non-Residential Use, any Content that is bought by you, using one (1) personal computer (or additional gadget particularly authorized by Alvera Limited that can connect to the Service using the Internet, made available which you assent thoroughly with the indicated Download Terms and Conditions. This license is both non-transferable and non-exclusive. Alvera Limited will send what you have purchased to your current hard disk. You shall never be allowed to migrate this Content from the hard drive that it was originally downloaded to. The original license related to the Content is restricted to thirty days from the day that you downloaded the file, or for twenty four hours immediately after its primary display and watching, whichever occurs first, except otherwise specified. In some cases, the license can be limited to a shorter period of time and that will be indicated when you purchase the license. In some cases, you can potentially be able to acquire a license for one additional day long (24 hours) period of viewing (or more) for an item of Content. In case you acquire an alternative license for the Content being utilized (to the level these types of additional license can be obtained), you will remain approved an additional using period of one day from the first display and usage. In understanding and coming to terms with this, you will find it difficult to even utilize the Content. In these Download Terms and Conditions, the subsequent definitions are important to take note of: (i) "Residence" refers to a personal dwelling and can also refer to a personal office, but it excludes motels, hotel rooms, hospital spaces, eateries, pubs, military bases, and all other types of buildings, places of residence, or workplaces, along with sites, sections, structures, spaces or workstations that are common areas for persons, where an admission price is charged; (ii) "Allowable Non-Residential Use" means that you (and multiple other persons) are privately viewing the material on any sort of monitor (TV, laptop, mobile device, etc), in somewhere that is considered to be Non-Residential. However, there can be no payment related to this sort of viewing. (iii) "Non-Residential Venue" shall suggest any kind of area other than a Home.

Retained Content License
Upon settlement of a License Cost, Alvera Limited will give you a license that does not allow transferring, under copyright to develop and hold on to a permanent reproduction of the Retained Content, allowing you to enjoy (by watching or privately displaying) in your Home or for Allowable Non-Residential Use. Any Retained Content that your purchase is bound by the following restrictions:

You can retain one duplicate of the Retained Content located on the main disk of your own PC (or various other equipment clearly authorized by Alvera Limited ) that the Retained Content is downloaded by way of the Service, via an internet connection.

You have permission to make a solitary reserve replica of the Retained Content on detachable media (for example, recordable Video Discs, etc) in the exact format as the purchased file to use upon the solitary PC or laptop that it was delivered to initially and, if distinctively permitted at the time of purchase on the web pages, up to two (2) other computer so that you can use them as you please (These are referred to as "Additional Copies"). This will be determined by the Service by each specific case. This is only done in order to enable watching of your respective Retained Content on personal computers besides the one to which it was delivered to upon its purchase. In order to do so, you will have to get another license by connecting the desired personal computer to the internet in some manner, logging in to your Profile, and downloading a new license for that computer. At this point in time, the Additional Copy feature is not available here. If you have a backup copy of a DVD, you will not be able to play it at this point in time.

Alvera Limited can potentially determine, within its sole discernment, which devices are able to utilize a license for Retained Content. This is indicated on the web pages when you are downloading and the new license and getting it ready for installation. The rights that you are given to you (or on the web pages when the purchase occurs) to create and retain the Retained Copies are for your convenience only, and that doesn’t mean that you will be able have ownership or rights to anything that you have downloaded and retained.

You are the only one responsible for keeping this copy of the Retained Content for your permanent use. If there seems to be an issue with it, where it doesn’t download correctly, it refuses to function, or it has other issues, be sure to get in touch with Customer Service as soon as possible. We will work to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Customer service information is located at the bottom of this document. If something happens with your hardware that causes you to lose your Retained Content, we are unable to assist you in this manner.

You understand that you do not ever have ownership of any of the Content from the Provider, and the license that you gain as part of the Download Terms and Conditions doesn’t give any sort of ownership to you. It also does not get rid of the rights of Alvera Limited, those they obtain licenses through, and those who have copyrights to the content.

You cannot transfer any license or right to Retained Content in any way, and you cannot use this content in any way other than what has been indicated above or is explicitly listed on the page that you download and buy the Retained Content from. Any and all usage policies on this site are part of the Download Terms and Conditions that are specified here.


The Provider retains a list of software and hardware requirements on this site, and they will only operate on those listed. It is your job to make sure that you have all of the required specifications (including internet connection, and any hardware and software) needed to utilize the Service in the manner listed above. Alvera Limited can, at any point in time, stop supporting any platform without any notice or warning.


Title to Premium Content via the Service
The Premium Content offered by Alvera Limited or organizations through the Service is owned by Alvera Limited and all of its associates. Any rights, including the ownership, title, and intellectual property, related to the Premium Content is owned by Alvera Limited or those third parties that have ownership or copyrights to the content. This makes the content restricted by the laws of copyright and other ownership laws. Other than what has been indicated, the Download Terms and Conditions grants no licenses to this Content, and the limitations are understood to be there. You have no right to distribute or broadcast this Content in any manner.


Ending for Breach
If you are in understanding of these Download Terms and Conditions (by using the Service, you have agreed to them), then your account can be terminated right away if you do not abide by everything that has been outlined in this contract. If you do not comply with what has been described, then you will need to destroy any of the Premium Content that you have gotten from the site at that point in time.

Termination for Any Reason
Also, Alvera Limited has and holds onto the right to terminate any of the services mentioned here, at any point in time, as long as they have given a reason on the website or via electronic communication. The Alvera Limited also has the right to stop or cancel any part of the website at any point in time, without warning any of its customers. Alvera Limited is not legally bound to you, if the time comes where those rights are utilized and exercised.


To avoid any unwanted charges, please be sure to read the complete details of each subscription package during signup. Refund Guidelines

If you have experienced any of the following situations on Alvera Limited, you may qualify for a refund.

  • Technical Problems: we will issue a refund if technical issues prevent you from using the site.
  • Compromised Security: accounts subject to fraudulent activity will be refunded.
  • Billing Errors: accidental overcharges warrant a full refund.
  • Not What You Expected: if our website doesn’t deliver the experience advertised, we will issue a refund.

We cannot issue partial refunds under any circumstances. Refund claims must be made within 60 days of a contested payment. If you wish to stop using our service, you are solely responsible for cancelling your account.




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